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Sunday, July 25, 2004

save a horse, ride a cowboy

that's right.  yesterday was the big rodeo day, and what a day it was.  first of all, it was a scorching 30-some degrees and not a cloud in the sky.  one would think it was a perfect day for a rodeo, but when you're sitting in the stands, surrounded by 300+ rodeo fans, it's a bit hot.  so naturally those who can't take the heat, get of the kitchen (and into the beer gardens).  speaking of the beer gardens, that was quit a set up.  they had it set up on a deck overlooking the arena-thingy (pardon my lack of rodeo-term knowledge).  so it was a great view if you could get to the front of the deck, but the hardcores pushed their way up there and didn't budge until it was time for another round, even then they had people saving their seats. so we really couldn't see too much except for the people in front of us, which consisted of a few burnt out druggies, some bikers, some cowboy/cowgirl wannabes, a lots of cougars, some creepy middle-aged men, some area f poster couples and a handful of real country-folk.  i guess me and heidi fit somewhere into the wannabe category, but somehow, we were cooler than them... anyhow, we hung out and mingled with the beer garden patrons for awhile, but soon moved to the stands for some front row seats to watch bullriding - the best rodeo event invented.
the rodeo grounds were set up like a little fair.  there were tonnes of vendors selling ice cream, fries, popcorn, oh yeah, and of course, coffee.  this is where mr. java comes in.  elliot (aka mr. java) was a super cute and friendly coffee vendor wearing a cowboy hat and looked at lot like kenny chesney.  the downfall? a wedding ring, or as hiedi suggested, perhaps it was only a "true love waits" ring.  she's such an optimist... oh well, he was still fun to visit with.
the dance started at 9pm featuring "el dorado drive" a pretty lame cover band, but at least it was live.  at first glance, the room was full of seniors in really tacky western wear.  i paid $10 for this!!!  but don't worry, as the night went on it got better.  and by the end of the night heidi and i had made friends with - get ready for this - 4 REAL bullriders!!! and one of them is friends with country star aaron pritchett and is coming on his tour bus to the canadian country music awards in edmonton in september.  and thanks to heidi, he's gonna call when he comes to edmonton!
needless to say, it was an amazing day.  i love the rodeo and i am now determined to marry a cowboy.