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Thursday, August 26, 2004

going, going... gone

well, i can't believe it, but the end of the summer is officially here. today is my last day of work and tomorrow i'm going to vancouver to have a little bit of a visit with my deacon friend, ian and on saturday it's back to good old edmonchuk. it's hard to believe that i've been out here for almost 4 months ~ crazy. so i've been running around the church here trying to gather up all my belongings - i never knew i had so much crap - and trying to do my part in cleaning this place up. as a farewell, our office manager took me out for lunch yesterday, and today i'm going out again with my boss and one of our captains from the mission boat. i love my job.

i'm finally experiencing this west coast weather that everyone has warned me about. it's been cloudy and rainy for 3 or 4 days now - that's the most rain i've seen here all summer. i'm baffled that more people don't live out here on this island, they have everything here, well except for an old navy and ikea. anyways, i totally fell in love with the coast and can't wait to come back here. i guess that's all i have to say so i'll catch ya on the flip side in AB.

prairie bound kirb

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

quiche, sandstone and grandpa beer

so, i had a super quick trip out to hornby island, but still it was good. i'm at the point in the summer where short and sweet is the way to go. pastor and i headed out on sunday after church and got back yesterday afternoon. we basically went out to get the group organized and help out with the first day of kids camp. while we were waiting for the ferry to denman island pastor took me to this little seafood shop that apparently has the best seafood quiche in the world. it was my only seafood quiche experience, but it was really really good. i'm learning to love seafood this summer, especially salmon... then when we got to hornby, we went to the church service and got to spent the rest of the day sightseeing. as most of you will know, pastor bob is a wicked tour guide. we went to tribune bay provincial park and went climbing on the sandstone rocks, then we went to helliwell provincial park and hiked the trail and watched seals playing in the bay - so fun. then we went back to our billet family's place and i got offered my first beer in over a month! i had been craving this for so long that i didn't even care that it was a can of luke-warm, Black Label Extra Old Stock. it absolutely hit the spot! the next day we did kids camp with 8 kids and when we got the team established and saw that it was good, we decided to come back to parksville. this morning, at 7:00 am (low tide) i headed out to yambury beach to dig up sand dollars for my mom and her lwml thing. i wish i would have been doing this all summer. it is so beautiful out there. the seagulls and herons were meandering around peacefully and i saw at least 10 hugeass red jellyfish lying on the beach. i would have loved to rescue them, but the red ones sting and the only thing that helps the burn is urine, and i didn't have to go. so instead a found a lone purple starfish lying in the sand and released him back into his element. i feel like i have done my part today in making this world a better place to live, for starfish at least. anyways, back to work, only 4 days left....

Saturday, August 21, 2004

everybody hit the poop deck!

hey gang! i'm back. after two weeks on a boat i must say that i have better sea legs than i had expected. today (the final leg of the journey bringing the mission boat back to the french creek marina) was the only wild day of rough waters, and i didn't even throw up! my friend hilary though, spent the majority of the ride back with her head hanging over the edge of the boat. i know it's not nice, but i couldn't help but be a little jealous, i just wanted a few good stories to tell about my adventure...
yet, even though there was no puking, it was definitely an adventure. there's no way i could fit it all into one post, but let me just say it was so so so much fun. aside from some retarded crew members and an anal-nazi-"you can't stay up later than 10pm"-captain it was wicked. In my first week i had the opportunity to go a place called Kingcome Inlet. its a beautiful community with tonnes of history. for those of you interested i would recommend you read "i heard the owl call my name" by margaret craven. it's short and good and tells an almost true story of a young vicar who gets placed up in kingcome. the community is actually a few miles up a river and naturally the mission boat cannot go up the river so we had to dock at the government dock (right next to a huge tote of rotting sockeye salmon) and wait for some guys with speedboats to pick us up and take us up the river. word to the wise - do not call them river rats. after half an hour of calling on the VHF and no one answering, it was becoming clear that someone had given us the wrong info. we later found out that "river rats" is not a transport company, but rather a derogatory term to the "captains". oops, thank goodness everyone has a such a great sense of humour. we spent 3 days in kingcome doing kids camp and a little bit of soccer camp. james and raeleigh (from LAMP) were in charge of this. and when we weren't hanging out we were back at the duplex planting rotten carrots or canned salmon in james' room. it was a fun week and the crew got along great.
then last week we made our main stop at gilford village on gilford island. it was lots of fun. we did 3 days of kids camp and campfires and just hanging out. and the most exciting part... we did 2 baptisms! two little girls, ella and shania were baptized last tuesday. in the course of three days we had 3 potlucks and 1 weiner roast. that's my kind of community! the people were so wonderful. one of the guys on our crew was given an eagle claw as a gift (which is a super awesome thing to get from a first nations person) and i was given a glass bead which dates back to the days of captain vancouver (the dude who discovered van. island) I totally loved the kids, they stuck like glue to us from the moment we stepped off the boat. and jay - i totally understand your love for little mary - we were pretty much inseperable.
i also got to see porpoise dolphins, a humpback whale and a pod of orcas!!! i am now satisfied. i've been waiting for the orcas all summer.
but for now, i must go. tomorrow after church i'm off again, this time to hornby island. but i'll be back soon...

Friday, August 06, 2004


hey there. seems like it's been an eternity since i did a little update. well, last week the fam was up here in p'ville and we had a wicked time. i did the whole tour guide thingy and we went all over the place. the week was wrapped up with a lovely dinner with jeanie and doyle and a surprise birthday cake for your's truly ~ i must say i was quite flattered...

then, on sunday morning, immediately following the church service, i boarded a mini van filled with 6 americans and a whole shatload of food and vbs craft material. we drove, and drove and drove, for about 5 hours over the most disgusting, dreadful logging roads i've ever seen. these roads are actually worse than saskatchewan roads! finally we arrived at fair harbour where our water taxi was awaiting us. after 45 minutes of cruising through the beautiful islands along vancouver islands west coast we arrived in the community of kyuquot (pronounced ki - yu - kit) it was in this lovely community that me and my new yankee friends spent the last week doing kids camp, sing alongs and just hanging out. it was wonderful week, we had tonnes of kids show up (including the most rambuncous badasses i've ever seen - for any of you who have ever been to Monday Night Kids, these guys were 10 times worse) yet, we still loved them, and played with them, and had a great time. of course there were those moments when one cannot help but pee their pants laughing when a kid takes a line drive straight into the forehead during a baseball game with those old plastic bats and balls, or that time when that kid gets launched all the way across the jungle gym while gliding on a zip line at a rather dangerous (but self induced) speed. anyways, no broken bones, lots of new friends and tonnes of adventure yet to come. tomorrow morning i take off for two weeks straight on the mission boat! even though my time off this week consisted of about 3 hours, i'm still very anxious to get on the boat and see what its all about. please pray that the heads (toilets) are fixed and that i don't experience the infamous shit shower, that previous crew members have been so fortunate to experience. and pray that i will see some whales...

row row row your boat....