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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Was Jesus thin or big-boned?

Well, among many humourous things in my NT class, I was posed with the question of whether or not Jesus was short, tall, thin or... big boned. Obviously an effort on Muir's part to not have to say the word "fat". But come on, we all know what Big-Boned really means, so why try to hide it...

Last night was Tracy's stagette at Julio's Barrio. What a blast, I took it upon myself to be the Sombrero Enforcer ( everyone at the table was required to sport their Sombrero with enthusiasm ). The best teamplayer, I must say, was my roomie, (I'll call her Juan). She looked really authentic (except that she's a whitie). Tracy was adorned with a dollar store tiera that had flashing lights (ooooh!) and drank margarita's from a monster-sized travel mug. Post Julios, we walked up and down Whyte Ave trying to get free stuff. Who knew that Melissa personality plus her V-neck sweater could earn Tracy so much stuff! Here's a list: $25 off our bill at Julios!; a snickerdoodle ice-cream treat thingy; a book about aladdin and other stories of the arabian nights; and a free starbucks coffee. Perhaps it's not lengthy, but it's worth a fair chunk of change, and all we had to do was tell them it was tracy's stagette. Sweet eh?

Aside from this, I have my first quiz of the Fall 2004 semester in the morning, so I should review a few terms.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

self-declared spare

I know, I should really be ashamed of myself. My behavior was irresponsible and unethical, but can you really blame me? Today - a beautiful, warm fall day - marked my fourth new testament literature class with muir. So, naturally I took it upon myself to take some time off to really think about what the New Testament meant to me. I couldn't do this during class time, because I would cause a disturbance, and that would be rude. So I forced myself to head down to the River Valley with Shell to check out a place for her next photo shoot and do a little window shopping on Whyte, which was wonderful. Okay, maybe it didn't give me a new understanding of the New Testament, but it was a nice break from the monotonous review of Religion 150 that has been going on for four straight classes. While out on our escapades Shell and I decided to try this funky little 50's diner that we'd noticed earlier. It's called Route 99 ~ and it's not bad. The ambience resembles a small town Saskatchewan truck from the 50's more than a Diner, but it was still pretty good, AND they serve all day breakfast! so it's worth a try.
anyways, times'-a-tickin' it's almost 10.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

go esks go!

well, i can definitely say that this has not been a dull week for me. aside from working my regular evening/weekend shifts at the library, i have also volunteered to help out with the short staffing situation by opening the library everyday at 7:30 am - what was I thinking!!!! oh well, live and learn, and the extra cash will be nice.

last friday consisted of an exciting football game, esks vs stamps, including 'o canada' performed by none other than paul brandt, and a wicked half time show by emerson drive. and all this was followed by a donair, a social gathering at the kyr, sean, matt house and a couple hours in the back of a police car... what an adventure!

yesterday was the annual klein house welcome back b.y.o.m. bbq - and it was delicious! ( and very fun to see a lot of people too!)

classes have been the same old same old, except i am starting to feel a little wiser in the ways of the world. in fact, yesterday, dr. muir explained to my Pauline Lit. class the basics of circumcision, thank goodness there were no visuals. and in sociology, as an aside, i learned that in the words of that country song, "you gotta live like you were dying". efa suggests that you gotta have a cause - something to fight for - and if you don't, you better get on the internet and find someone who's willing to eat you, cuz it ain't worth livin' if you don't have a cause! huh!

other than that, things are busy but good. i've even managed to crack into some of my textbooks, so that's always a plus too!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

more exciting news!

so here i go again...

tonite, i get this call from a high pitched, screaming female yelling "oh my gosh, guess who called, guess who called!!!!" well, i knew instantly it could be none other than heidi gerdung. and i also knew instantly "who" had called. our good buddy bill (bullrider we met at the rodeo in coombs)is good friends with country music star aaron pritchett and is coming to town tomorrow for the CCMA's! anyways, he called heidi and we're gonna hang out this weekend. who knows what this means! maybe backstage passes, or passes to a VIP party, or well, the sky's the limit. anyways, it super exciting cuz it means that the weekend with probably be filled with good looking cowboys, and maybe even a country star or two!!! i better go practice my two step...

snow... in september?

i know i shouldn't be suprised. afterall, this is canada. but isn't september 9 a little early. last night, after work, me and evan went to brewsters for beer. after about an hour or so, i looked out the window and wondered if it wasn't the booze playing tricks on me, but no, my eyes did not deceive me. it was truly snowing, and this morning, the ground was covered with the evidence. it's so cold! i know i only spent 4 months on the island, but i think i've been de-climatized to the prairie winters (which start before summer even ends!) well, the positive thing in all of this, is that i got to whip out my new winter jacket today. and it works (looks good and keeps me warm!) tomorrow i'm going to the football game, esks vs stamps, it should be fun, but if it's snowing again there will be hell to pay

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

maryanne and some soft drugs...

okay, i just have to take this opportunity for an update. as i was boredly browsing the internet i came across some very exciting news. well it probably isn't very exciting for many people, but some will share my joy. danny michel is playing here in edmonton at the sidetrack cafe on october 7th! i'm so excited! for those of you who don't know who juno nominated artist of the year danny michel is, don't feel bad. he didn't win. i don't think many people have a clue about him - i never did. that was until i was in vancouver last february and attended the vicki gabereau show. so yeah, clear your calendars (and check out his website) cuz I think he may be coming to a town near you!


well, today was the first day of school. i'm not sure if i should cheer or barf, we'll wait and see. i've taken it upon myself to follow in the slackass footsteps of my friends and role models and tried to take the easiest courses possible, and i think that i'm not doing too bad, well except for psyc 104 and the 6 mini tests that it entails. oh well, multiple choice questions are your friend and i feel like i can conquer this. i'm also blessed to take 2 muir religion classes - woohoo! i did nearly piss my pants today in class as he was going over the syllabus. i couldn't help by reminicse fondly of the way mich and ian used to imitate him, and how true to real life it was. this man is hilarious. in my third year of university my big assignment in this course is a book report.

now let's just go over the difference between a book "report" and a book "review". book review, the word 'book' referring to a written document, published and copyrighted and used for reading, review - referring to a way of evaluating the aforementioned book. a book review is a more subjective piece of work, a document in which one shares his/her opinion of the book, the manner in which it was written and the literary devices used. on the other hand, a book report is simply a summary of the content of the book. report, which means to re-tell. a simple paragraph (or two) written to summarize each chapter of the book will be sufficient to compile said 'book report'. man i love university.

on a less (or perhaps more) boring note, i also started work today. my hours have been cut down this year, but i think that as long as i can learn to budget my money better, it will be nice to have more weekends off. the exciting moment of the night was when my boss revealed to me that we're getting an..... interact/credit card machine!!!! okay, i know, i'm a tard. but this is what happens when you work in a library. if you think this is bad, you should see what scrubbing toilets and custodial work is doing my baby sister (no offense kiddo). anyways. it's cool, and it will be fun, cuz now they're putting two people behind the desk during evenings. on tuesdays it's me and james, and on thursdays it me and lisa. so if all else fails, i can sit around and shoot the shit for 6 hours. well, i should go, i'm sure i'm going to get a customer here at any minute, afterall, it is the first day of school...

Friday, September 03, 2004

i'm back.....

greetings to you all from edmonton,
so, i'm home and quite glad to be here and not on some mountainous road in bc. it was a hella long drive (about 13 hours) all by myself. surprisingly, it went by quicker than i had anticipated though, and i managed to entertain myself by listening to almost every cd in my collection and singing along like a tard, but hey, at least it passed the time. yesterday was the annual new student orientation day, at which i did not volunteer this year, but still was able to make it over for the free lunch. my hot dog was not so hot, in fact it was still a little frozen in the middle, but nonetheless, it was free. and the most exciting part of it all was that they had a free exhibition ride... the tea cups!!! i couldn't believe that there was a free ride but no one was lining up! so i took it upon myself to check this sucker out and boy was it fun. i don't know if i've ever been so close to barfing on a ride cuz after 5 times i was getting a little queasy. and today, i'm covered in bruises from getting slung around the stupid cup from side to side - good thing i didn't pay money for that experience.
since being back in edmonton i've also managed to clean and decorate my new bedroom, have a few alexander keith's, and watch the new veggie tales movie. and since today is friday, i'm sure there is bound to be a bit of an adventure tonite - if only it would quit raining.
anyways, that is all i know. school starts tuesday and so does work so i'm going to enjoy my last weekend of freedom...