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Wednesday, September 08, 2004


well, today was the first day of school. i'm not sure if i should cheer or barf, we'll wait and see. i've taken it upon myself to follow in the slackass footsteps of my friends and role models and tried to take the easiest courses possible, and i think that i'm not doing too bad, well except for psyc 104 and the 6 mini tests that it entails. oh well, multiple choice questions are your friend and i feel like i can conquer this. i'm also blessed to take 2 muir religion classes - woohoo! i did nearly piss my pants today in class as he was going over the syllabus. i couldn't help by reminicse fondly of the way mich and ian used to imitate him, and how true to real life it was. this man is hilarious. in my third year of university my big assignment in this course is a book report.

now let's just go over the difference between a book "report" and a book "review". book review, the word 'book' referring to a written document, published and copyrighted and used for reading, review - referring to a way of evaluating the aforementioned book. a book review is a more subjective piece of work, a document in which one shares his/her opinion of the book, the manner in which it was written and the literary devices used. on the other hand, a book report is simply a summary of the content of the book. report, which means to re-tell. a simple paragraph (or two) written to summarize each chapter of the book will be sufficient to compile said 'book report'. man i love university.

on a less (or perhaps more) boring note, i also started work today. my hours have been cut down this year, but i think that as long as i can learn to budget my money better, it will be nice to have more weekends off. the exciting moment of the night was when my boss revealed to me that we're getting an..... interact/credit card machine!!!! okay, i know, i'm a tard. but this is what happens when you work in a library. if you think this is bad, you should see what scrubbing toilets and custodial work is doing my baby sister (no offense kiddo). anyways. it's cool, and it will be fun, cuz now they're putting two people behind the desk during evenings. on tuesdays it's me and james, and on thursdays it me and lisa. so if all else fails, i can sit around and shoot the shit for 6 hours. well, i should go, i'm sure i'm going to get a customer here at any minute, afterall, it is the first day of school...


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