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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

go esks go!

well, i can definitely say that this has not been a dull week for me. aside from working my regular evening/weekend shifts at the library, i have also volunteered to help out with the short staffing situation by opening the library everyday at 7:30 am - what was I thinking!!!! oh well, live and learn, and the extra cash will be nice.

last friday consisted of an exciting football game, esks vs stamps, including 'o canada' performed by none other than paul brandt, and a wicked half time show by emerson drive. and all this was followed by a donair, a social gathering at the kyr, sean, matt house and a couple hours in the back of a police car... what an adventure!

yesterday was the annual klein house welcome back b.y.o.m. bbq - and it was delicious! ( and very fun to see a lot of people too!)

classes have been the same old same old, except i am starting to feel a little wiser in the ways of the world. in fact, yesterday, dr. muir explained to my Pauline Lit. class the basics of circumcision, thank goodness there were no visuals. and in sociology, as an aside, i learned that in the words of that country song, "you gotta live like you were dying". efa suggests that you gotta have a cause - something to fight for - and if you don't, you better get on the internet and find someone who's willing to eat you, cuz it ain't worth livin' if you don't have a cause! huh!

other than that, things are busy but good. i've even managed to crack into some of my textbooks, so that's always a plus too!


Blogger Hailey said...

Was your class on circumcision almost as nasty as the female curcumcision one you dragged me to last year in efa's class?? What a day to take your baby sister to school with you!

8:53 PM


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