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Friday, September 03, 2004

i'm back.....

greetings to you all from edmonton,
so, i'm home and quite glad to be here and not on some mountainous road in bc. it was a hella long drive (about 13 hours) all by myself. surprisingly, it went by quicker than i had anticipated though, and i managed to entertain myself by listening to almost every cd in my collection and singing along like a tard, but hey, at least it passed the time. yesterday was the annual new student orientation day, at which i did not volunteer this year, but still was able to make it over for the free lunch. my hot dog was not so hot, in fact it was still a little frozen in the middle, but nonetheless, it was free. and the most exciting part of it all was that they had a free exhibition ride... the tea cups!!! i couldn't believe that there was a free ride but no one was lining up! so i took it upon myself to check this sucker out and boy was it fun. i don't know if i've ever been so close to barfing on a ride cuz after 5 times i was getting a little queasy. and today, i'm covered in bruises from getting slung around the stupid cup from side to side - good thing i didn't pay money for that experience.
since being back in edmonton i've also managed to clean and decorate my new bedroom, have a few alexander keith's, and watch the new veggie tales movie. and since today is friday, i'm sure there is bound to be a bit of an adventure tonite - if only it would quit raining.
anyways, that is all i know. school starts tuesday and so does work so i'm going to enjoy my last weekend of freedom...



Blogger Michelle said...

Man, I could KILL for a Keith's with you folks-ENVY

2:07 PM

Blogger The Little Vicar that Could said...

Kirb, you know how heavy your crap was to move up?!!? It seems like eons ago we moved your stuff - but you've been gone! NJoy the Keiths! ><>

3:02 PM


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