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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

maryanne and some soft drugs...

okay, i just have to take this opportunity for an update. as i was boredly browsing the internet i came across some very exciting news. well it probably isn't very exciting for many people, but some will share my joy. danny michel is playing here in edmonton at the sidetrack cafe on october 7th! i'm so excited! for those of you who don't know who juno nominated artist of the year danny michel is, don't feel bad. he didn't win. i don't think many people have a clue about him - i never did. that was until i was in vancouver last february and attended the vicki gabereau show. so yeah, clear your calendars (and check out his website) cuz I think he may be coming to a town near you!


Blogger Michelle said...

'oh dj play that track'

2:49 PM


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