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Thursday, September 09, 2004

more exciting news!

so here i go again...

tonite, i get this call from a high pitched, screaming female yelling "oh my gosh, guess who called, guess who called!!!!" well, i knew instantly it could be none other than heidi gerdung. and i also knew instantly "who" had called. our good buddy bill (bullrider we met at the rodeo in coombs)is good friends with country music star aaron pritchett and is coming to town tomorrow for the CCMA's! anyways, he called heidi and we're gonna hang out this weekend. who knows what this means! maybe backstage passes, or passes to a VIP party, or well, the sky's the limit. anyways, it super exciting cuz it means that the weekend with probably be filled with good looking cowboys, and maybe even a country star or two!!! i better go practice my two step...


Blogger Michelle said...

'WILDLIFE' moment, perhaps??? (hey, you said it, not me!)

5:51 AM

Blogger The Little Vicar that Could said...

HaHAHAHA Mitchy that is awesome - totally "Wildlife!!!"

Love ya burbs, Reggie

11:27 PM


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