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Thursday, September 16, 2004

self-declared spare

I know, I should really be ashamed of myself. My behavior was irresponsible and unethical, but can you really blame me? Today - a beautiful, warm fall day - marked my fourth new testament literature class with muir. So, naturally I took it upon myself to take some time off to really think about what the New Testament meant to me. I couldn't do this during class time, because I would cause a disturbance, and that would be rude. So I forced myself to head down to the River Valley with Shell to check out a place for her next photo shoot and do a little window shopping on Whyte, which was wonderful. Okay, maybe it didn't give me a new understanding of the New Testament, but it was a nice break from the monotonous review of Religion 150 that has been going on for four straight classes. While out on our escapades Shell and I decided to try this funky little 50's diner that we'd noticed earlier. It's called Route 99 ~ and it's not bad. The ambience resembles a small town Saskatchewan truck from the 50's more than a Diner, but it was still pretty good, AND they serve all day breakfast! so it's worth a try.
anyways, times'-a-tickin' it's almost 10.


Blogger cherisse. said...

haha remember the days of self declared spares when we were suppose to be watching that movie in Bircher's Social Class? Or skipping Brennan's class to go for coffee and then she phoned our moms!!

10:25 AM


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