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Thursday, September 09, 2004

snow... in september?

i know i shouldn't be suprised. afterall, this is canada. but isn't september 9 a little early. last night, after work, me and evan went to brewsters for beer. after about an hour or so, i looked out the window and wondered if it wasn't the booze playing tricks on me, but no, my eyes did not deceive me. it was truly snowing, and this morning, the ground was covered with the evidence. it's so cold! i know i only spent 4 months on the island, but i think i've been de-climatized to the prairie winters (which start before summer even ends!) well, the positive thing in all of this, is that i got to whip out my new winter jacket today. and it works (looks good and keeps me warm!) tomorrow i'm going to the football game, esks vs stamps, it should be fun, but if it's snowing again there will be hell to pay


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