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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Was Jesus thin or big-boned?

Well, among many humourous things in my NT class, I was posed with the question of whether or not Jesus was short, tall, thin or... big boned. Obviously an effort on Muir's part to not have to say the word "fat". But come on, we all know what Big-Boned really means, so why try to hide it...

Last night was Tracy's stagette at Julio's Barrio. What a blast, I took it upon myself to be the Sombrero Enforcer ( everyone at the table was required to sport their Sombrero with enthusiasm ). The best teamplayer, I must say, was my roomie, (I'll call her Juan). She looked really authentic (except that she's a whitie). Tracy was adorned with a dollar store tiera that had flashing lights (ooooh!) and drank margarita's from a monster-sized travel mug. Post Julios, we walked up and down Whyte Ave trying to get free stuff. Who knew that Melissa personality plus her V-neck sweater could earn Tracy so much stuff! Here's a list: $25 off our bill at Julios!; a snickerdoodle ice-cream treat thingy; a book about aladdin and other stories of the arabian nights; and a free starbucks coffee. Perhaps it's not lengthy, but it's worth a fair chunk of change, and all we had to do was tell them it was tracy's stagette. Sweet eh?

Aside from this, I have my first quiz of the Fall 2004 semester in the morning, so I should review a few terms.


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