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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Happy 100 Edmonton!

So yesterday, October 8th, marked Edmonton's 100th Birthday! What a party! Churchill Square (the new and improved square - I might add) was filled with tonnes of cool activies, and this weekend all City of Edmonton venues (pools, golf courses, zoo, etc) are absolutely free! So we started the festivities by taking in a little Metis dancing on the main stage. My only regret was that I didn't bring my Voyageur Sash to fit in... After that we got in line for a FREE Krispy Kreme donut (they're opening one up in South Ed. in the spring) Then we walked through City Hall, listened to a wicked children's Recorder Choir (who knew that recorders didn't always sound like crap?) and a Children's Choir. Then we went through the First Nation's Display and walked through some Tipi's, and THEN we went to the Museum (Free admission) and walked around like a bunch of art fags trying to be cultured. The coolest part of that was a 40-part Motet set up in a dimly lit room. Around the entire room were 40 individual speakers and out of each came a different voice from this choir from England. It was soooo amazing, just like being surrounded by a real live group of singers. Very beautiful. After a little bit more moseying around we went to the Olive Garden for supper. Mmmm, never a disappointment there. And then we went back to Churchill square to hear Samantha King, a wicked awesome drum line consisting of First Nations, Asian, African and highland (or whatever you call them) drummers, and following that was a 20-min long multi-hundred-thousand-dollar fireworks show. Such a fun day, and all of it was free! And I feel that the fun is only just beginning, cuz there are tonnes of activities planned all weekend. Rock on!


Blogger Inept said...

awww, I really wanted to go, but didnt know anyone who was going :(. Boo-urns


2:48 PM

Blogger The Little Vicar that Could said...

Wow! Crazy phun all the way to hen house. What a caleidascopic world o' fun! I miss all the good crap.

Curses! and at the same time Whee ha! for those taking part.

7:45 PM


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