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Thursday, October 14, 2004

just a STANDARD wednesday night...

Hey all. Well here we have yet another week, almost done! I'm so glad - I live for the weekends. And the exciting point of my weekend will be my visitors... First and foremost, my BIL is coming into town (I haven't seen him since May!) too bad he's not bringing his wife though... and also to add to the fun and games, Kerry and Sherri are coming to town! Oh the adventures to be had! Oh the adventures I've already had this week...

Let us begin with Monday night, Thanksgiving Day. It was probably one of the best Thanksgiving Dinner's of my life. I've never felt so disgustingly full in a long time (not counting my all-you-can-eat shrimp fiasco of two weeks ago...) Everyone contributed such lovely dishes and it turned out wonderfully. We even had wine (well, actually it was Boones, but to the average college student, that's a select vintage wine!)

Then last night, Greg got some free admissions into The Standard. Quite the bar, and frankly I would probably never go in there on a weekend, but it was Wednesday and high-balls were only $1! And it turned into a great night (I was introduced to Vodka Slimes - yum!)

And today, I worked, went to class, and now I'm back at work. Oh well, it's what I do, and at least they're paying me.

Check ya later!


Blogger Hailey said...

glad you had a good thanksgiving. better than mine i am sure. hangin with the oldies. none the less. i was thankful. have fun with our BIL this next weekend!

4:52 PM

Blogger The Little Vicar that Could said...

Crap eatin' Grin!!!
Its T minus 4 hours to my 20hour bus ride to visit my SIL. The bus is smelly, stinky, slinky, SCARY! But hey, Colors change from Grey to Super Bright! Spreadin' rainbow color makes me feel alright, it makes me feel alright now, ya,ya! Oh and another thing, i checked the long range forcast. Kitimat is having FULL SUNSHINE whilst Edmonton has Snow.... CURSES!!!! ><>

7:16 PM


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