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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Wacky Wintery Weekend

Hey Gang! Well, it's Tuesday morning, and cold as... well, it's just really cold. And snowy. So, here's the weekend update.

Saturday around 6:30 my BIL arrived into town, riding the LoserCruiser (aka Greyhound), and Kerry and Sherri also happened to be in town, so despite the crapload of snow accumulating on our deck, we had a BBQ! It was stellar. Post dinner, Kyr came by for a beer and we decided to go to the Standard. (Now at this point in time you're probably thinking that I'm becoming some sort of a mid-life crisis bar star, but it's not true. I merely go where the people are... and hopefully it won't continue to be the Standard for long.) Anyways, Greg had a tonnes of free coupons and crap so me and Kyr and J all ended up with VIP passes and a gift certificates. It was a pretty good deal, but the best part of the night was definitely the hot dogs with kraut...

Sunday we went for a little sacrament at Bethel, and had a nice little Birthday Brunch for Jonny followed by Birthday Cake. The rest of the day was lovely and relaxing as the snow continued to fall, non stop.

And Monday, I went to a few classes, J went to his lectures and then we spent the rest of the day shopping around. I got to go the famous Burlington Tobbacconists (totally wicked shop!) and we hit Chapters, Starbucks, and the like. And finished the day with supper at Bul-Go-Gi. And then it took 45 to get home. Why? you might be asking... Well, the roads in the river valley were bumper to bumper with vehicles who dared not go faster than 30 kms and then when I got halfway up Grierson Hill, I came to the realization that "Holy Crap, my car's not gonna make it!" No matter how much jumping Jason was doing in the front seat, my tires were just a spinning, so I decided to hack a nut, and try a different course, one with less of an incline. Thankfully we finally made it, out of the Valley. And now I don't intend on going anywhere near it until spring, when all the snow is gone. What a fiasco! But still, a special finish to a kickass weekend. It was so fun to see my BIL again!


Blogger The Little Vicar that Could said...

I felt like captain fricken kangaroo...

9:05 PM

Blogger Kerry and Sherri said...

Well im quite impressed you spelt both of our names right!!! And you thought the snow was bad in edmonton on monday you should have drove with us to Valemount. Our goal was Kamloops but after 9hrs Valemount was good enough. All i can say is that 4x4s rock in the snow

10:15 AM


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