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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Farewell to Nova Scotia the sea bound coast....

Better late than never, they always say. So I guess I will still take this opportunity to update you on my latest goings-on. My Pilgrimage to Halifax is only a memory to me now, like a beautiful dream of sunsets and rainbows... oh yeah, and the 4 feet of wet-cold-eastcoast snow! But aside from the shitty weather (and yes I did say shitty, because that's what it was and there is no other word in the English Vocab that would define how my poor, chilled, soaking, Saskatchewan-bred body felt in that disatrophy of wintery weather), yes aside from the weather, the trip was magnificent.

I came home feeling slim and trim - like I had just spent 6 days at FAT CAMP. I know you all must be thinking "That poor girl! Didn't Michelle feed her?" But no! I did eat (and drink) plenty! The FAT CAMP remark comes from the fact that all these harbour communities are built on hills! You know that old saying "uphill, BOTH ways"? Well, it's true!!! and I can't attest to it. My poor calves...

Anyways, more about the actually trip itself. Thursday, November 11 we went to the community war memorial for a community Remembrance Day Service, which was wonderful,but cold, so we ditched out early and went to Halifax - the coolest city in the world! I loved it! It's so old, and the harbour is loaded with old stone buildings and warehouses and tonnes of neat little shops to poke around in. Since it was Remembrance Day though, nothing was open so we settled for window shopping a couple beers at Stayners Pub and Grill.

Friday was the ultimate best day of my life! We finally got to do the Alexander Keith's Brewery Tour! And how excellent it was. Full costumed tourguides, acting out their parts in the Brewing process, AND 2 free glasses of beer! One of which was Keith's Honey Brown - only available in Nova Scotia. We also went to the Nova Scotia Casino and I won 20 bones on the slots! Wicked eh? So, with my winnings in hand me and Mich went to the Fife and Drum (a scottish pub with the entire floor covered in a carpeted tarten) and had some "dessert". Then following that we located The Lower Deck - the coolest pub in Halifax according to my standards. It was a little hole in the wall in the basement of an old warehouse and was full to the brim of real eastcoasters raising their glasses and singing along to all my favourite maritime tunes! So naturally I hoisted my glass and joined right in. What an awesome experience - I totally felt like I was part of the gang!

The rest of the weekend was really fun too. We went shopping, watched the incredibles, went to church, hung out with the cool parishioners and I attended my first Congregational Meeting! It was so good to see Michie, she took good care of me and we had sooo much fun. I would totally go back in a heartbeat, oh oops, I mean in a Haertbeat (I've been working on my accent, so that someday when I move back to run the Brewery I will be able to fit in!)

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed my blog as much as I enjoyed my trip! LATERZ!
~ Kirby Keith

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

nova scotia, nova scotia, nature's music, nature's song...

I am so excited, tomorrow morning at 10:10 am I board a plane to Halifax! I can smell the motherland already! and the brewery!

Aside from a few specifics, much of my weekend is thus far undecided and will be a complete surprise to me. What I do know: Remembrance Day Service, Keith's Brewery, Church, and perhaps a Casino visit? Who knows, I'm up for spontaneity and tonnes of fun. I don't even know what it looks like out there or what the weather will be like... hey! maybe I'll come back with an accent!!! totally exciting.

Anyways, I'm off to complete my "what to pack" chart. must be sure not to forget anything important!

i will think of you all as i crack a keith's!
love ya!
kirby "paddy murphy" wagner